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Extreme Custom Engraving Frequently Asked Questions

When should I expect my part to arrive?
Parts will usually ship out within 2 weeks. We do not hold a large inventory and your part will be finished specifically for your order.

I don't have a Pay Pal account. Can I still order on-line?
Yes. You can use a credit card or many other forms of payment through Pay Pal without setting up an account. Sorry but we don't take cards over the phone. You also can order by mail to our office.

Why is a custom part more expensive than a part from the artwork page?
There is additional set up required for custom parts. When we receive a custom order we need to program it into the machine, which is rather time consuming. Additionally, we will send you the programmed design and if necessary make changes to the program so you get exactly what you want. After all this we will only run this program for one customer: you.

You’ve been in business for several years, why haven’t I seen your parts in stores or catalogues?
We prefer to deal directly with the customer. When you order a part directly from us you are dealing with the manufacturer; no middle man, no mark-ups.

Why won’t you make a part with the logo of my favorite sports team or the Harley-Davidson logo?
We are not licensed to produce parts with a copyrighted logo or emblem.

What are my shipping options?
We ship everything priority mail through the postal service. Its fast, economical, and reliable (in most countries at least.) We can ship via UPS or FedEx upon request for an additional charge. If you ask us to ship to a place where customers have had problems receiving their orders in the past we will advise you about using a different shipping method (additional charges will still apply).

How much will it cost to ship my order?

Shipping Charges click here

I'm having trouble ordering through the website. Can you help me?
Sure. Check out this page. How to order a part...(click here)

How much work is it to install our parts? Click Here


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