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Welcome to the Express Lane
A order page made just for
the "If you value (in script)" design.
Every cover that has that design is listed.

iyv script

The part showed is top polished.
( A reflection of a cloudy day in Arizona.)
Other finishes, like polished, are avialable.

Not available on smaller covers due to insufficient size for all this artwork.

What is "Brushed with Gloss Black"? or What is "Double Machined Wrinkle Black"?? (Click Here.)

Inlaid finishes



"If you value (in script)" Derby Covers for the (5 hole)
(Click Here.)
derby cover
"If you value (in script)" Derby Covers for the Twin-cam
    Polished with Gloss Black
Brushed with Gloss Black

No finish

Double Machined Wrinkle Black

Double Machined Gloss Black

Solid Brass


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